Who is a Picadily?

A coffee shop for cold and hot coffee drinks on wheels everywhere in streets. Picadily is using both French-grown and commercially-used coffee beans at the most efficient time.

Picadily’s Mission

To care deeply for the environment and insist on using Bio Cups, compostable cups and lids. To maintain as little waste as possible by recycling water and coffee grounds (they feed our gardens). To support our clients economically to own a profitable business with utmost low costs.

Picadily’s Vision

To create a pleasant and different social experience, where people could get that same barista cafe quality, in natural surroundings enjoying environment easily wherever they are out!

What Products That Picadily Provides?

Food & Beverage:
The Picadily Café that works on only two/ three wheels has a broad product portfolio. Alongside a variety of coffee classics, coffee specialities, and coffee beans. The Picadily Coffee-Bike also offers unique coffee cocktails, selected teas and freshly pressed juice.
To complete the product range, you can also purchase small snacks such as muffins, cookies and other delicacies to complement your beverage.
Bikes & Machines:
Whether on the weekend shopping, at a street corner or especially booked for special occasions and events, the Coffee-Bike attracts peoples’ attention.
Every coffee-bike is developed, designed and built in our own manufacturing facilities on location in Saudi Arabia.
Picadilys’ relations will facilitate the process for you to own your coffee-bike for either street or the home. And will help to well equip it with selfie machines, coffee machines, tea machines, packaging and all other required product to run your coffee-bike.

Picadily in Your Event

The Coffee-Bike is a showpiece for every occasion. Book the mobile coffee shop for an unforgettable experience.

The Coffee-Bike special kind of coffee catering

Coffee specialities when and where you like.
Guaranteed premium occasion hospitality
Create a lasting impression


Picadily works as a supporter of small business owners in the food industry that supports the idea of providing a mobile food and beverage service (Bikes), by building strong relationships with various industries to operate the project in its final form smoothly.


Picadily Coffee-Bike is one of the most rapidly growing franchise systems in Middle East. Benefit from our unique and wide knowledge about the Coffee-Bike and the coffee industry in general. Coffee-Bike grants all their franchisees the best possible support and assistance in all organisational and operational matters. Furthermore, we lay great importance on a fair partnership. Become part of our success story as an entrepreneur now, with one or several mobile coffee shops!
With a strong partner beside you, you can enjoy entrepreneurial freedom, and also rely on the experience and security of an established system. Partner-orientated and flexible collaboration has top priority at Picadily Coffee-Bike . As a franchisee in this system you will not have to fulfil any sales targets or follow specific opening hours.
Furthermore, the franchise fee is flexible and only accrues for coffee specialities that are sold. No fees accrue for any additional services that do not belong to the concepts of coffee and food.